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Windows 程序设计下载

Windows 程序设计

  • 电子书名称:Windows 程序设计
  • 电子书分类:文学
  • 电子书作者:佩措尔德 (Charles Petzol
  • 电子书类型:TXT/PDF
  • 信息来源:豆瓣
  • ISBN:9787115329769
  • 出版时间:2013-10-1
  • 出版社:人民邮电出版社


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  • Windows 程序设计目录

    PART I ELEMENTALS Chapter 1 Markup and Code The First Project Graphical Greetings Variations in Text Media As Well The Code Alternatives Images in Code Not Even a Page Chapter 2 XAML Syntax The Gradient Brush in Code Property Element Syntax Content Properties The TextBlock Content Property Sharing Brushes (and Other Resources) Resources Are Shared Exploring Vector Graphics Stretching with Viewbox Styles A Taste of Data Binding Chapter 3 Basic Event Handling The Tapped Event Routed Event Handling Overriding the Handled Setting Input, Alignment, and Backgrounds Size and Orientation Changes Bindings to Run? Timers and Animation Chapter 4 Presentation with Panels The Border Element Rectangle and Ellipse The StackPanel Horizontal Stacks WhatSize with Bindings (and a Converter) The ScrollViewer Solution Layout Weirdness or Normalcy? Making an E-Book Fancier StackPanel Items Deriving from UserControl Creating Windows Runtime Libraries The Wrap Alternative 130 The Canvas and Attached Properties The Z-Index Canvas Weirdness Chapter 5 Control Interaction The Control Difference The Slider for Ranges The Grid Orientation and Aspect Ratios Slider and the Formatted String Converter Tooltips and Conversions Sketching with Sliders The Varieties of Button Experience Defi ning Dependency Properties RadioButton Tags Keyboard Input and TextBox Touch and Thumb Chapter 6 WinRT and MVVM MVVM (Brief and Simplifi ed) Data Binding Notifi cations A View Model for ColorScroll Syntactic Shortcuts The DataContext Property Bindings and TextBox Buttons and MVVM The DelegateCommand Class Chapter 7 Asynchronicity Threads and the User Interface Working with MessageDialog Callbacks as Lambda Functions The Amazing await Operator Cancelling an Asynchronous Operation Approaches to File I/O Application Local Storage File Pickers Bulk Access File Pickers and File I/O Handling Exceptions Consolidating Async Calls Streamlined File I/O Application Lifecycle Issues Your Own Asynchronous Methods Chapter 8 App Bars and Popups Implementing Context Menus The Popup Dialog Application Bars The Application Bar Button Style Inside the Segoe UI Symbol Font App Bar CheckBox and RadioButton An App Bar for a Note Pad Introducing XamlCruncher Application Settings and View Models The XamlCruncher Page Parsing the XAML XAML Files In and Out The Settings Dialog Beyond the Windows Runtime Chapter 9 Animation The Windows.UI.Xaml.Media.Animation Namespace Animation Basics Animation Variation Appreciation Other Double Animations Animating Attached Properties The Easing Functions All-XAML Animations Animating Custom Classes Key Frame Animations The Object Animation Predefi ned Animations and Transitions Chapter 10 Transforms A Brief Overview Rotation (Manual and Animated) Visual Feedback Translation Transform Groups The Scale Transform Building an Analog Clock Skew Making an Entrance Transform Mathematics The CompositeTransform Geometry Transforms Brush Transforms Dude, Where’s My Element? Projection Transforms Deriving a Matrix3D Chapter 11 The Three Templates Data in a Button Making Decisions Collection Controls and the Real Use of DataTemplate Collections and Interfaces Tapping and Selecting Panels and Virtualizing Panels Custom Panels The Item Template Bar Chart The FlipView Control The Basic Control Template The Visual State Manager Using generic.xaml Template Parts Custom Controls Templates and Item Containers Chapter 12 Pages and Navigation Screen Resolution Issues Scaling Issues Snap Views Orientation Changes Simple Page Navigation The Back Stack Navigation Events and Page Restoration Saving and Restoring Application State Navigational Accelerators and Mouse Buttons Passing and Returning Data Visual Studio’s Standard Templates View Models and Collections Grouping the Items PART II SPECIALTIES Chapter 13 Touch, Etc. A Pointer Roadmap A First Dab at Finger Painting Capturing the Pointer Editing with a Popup Menu Pressure Sensitivity Smoothing the Tapers How Do I Save My Drawings? Real and Surreal Finger Painting A Touch Piano Manipulation, Fingers, and Elements Working with Inertia An XYSlider Control Centered Scaling and Rotation Single-Finger Rotation Chapter 14 Bitmaps Pixel Bits Transparency and Premultiplied Alphas A Radial Gradient Brush Loading and Saving Image Files Posterize and Monochromize Saving Finger Paint Artwork HSL Color Selection Reverse Painting Accessing the Pictures Library Capturing Camera Photos Chapter 15 Going Native An Introduction to P/Invoke Some Help Time Zone Information A Windows Runtime Component Wrapper for DirectX DirectWrite and Fonts Confi gurations and Platforms Interpreting Font Metrics Drawing on a SurfaceImageSource Chapter 16 Rich Text Private Fonts A Taste of Glyphs Font Files in Local Storage Typographical Enhancements RichTextBlock and Paragraphs RichTextBlock Selection RichTextBlock and Overfl ow The Perils of Pagination Rich Editing with RichEditBox Your Own Text Input Chapter 17 Share and Print Settings and Popups Sharing Through the Clipboard The Share Charm Basic Printing Printable and Unprintable Margins The Pagination Process Custom Printing Properties Printing a Monthly Planner Printing a Range of Pages Where To Do the Big Jobs? Printing FingerPaint Art Chapter 18 Sensors and GPS Orientation and Orientation Acceleration, Force, Gravity, and Vectors Follow the Rolling Ball The Two Norths Inclinometer = Accelerometer + Compass OrientationSensor = Accelerometer + Compass Azimuth and Altitude Bing Maps and Bing Map Tiles Chapter 19 Pen (Also Known as Stylus) The InkManager Collections The Ink Drawing Attributes Erasing and Other Enhancements Selecting Strokes The Yellow Pad Index

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